New York University


Leyda develops and teaches courses as an adjunct professor at several universities including New York City including New York University (NYU) & the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).


Forbes 30 Under 30

As a teenager, she started college at the age of sixteen graduating with two bachelors at 21. In 2017, she was recognized on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list & listed among the Top 10 Women in Tech by Everstring. 


Thought Leader

Leyda has been featured on numerous media outlets including Yahoo Finance, Inc., NY1News, Forbes, TIME, and others. She is also shares a passion for art, nature, self care & diversity.


International Speaker

Leyda's thought-provoking talks explore the future of business through the lens of both art & science. She has keynoted at conferences around the globe, in New York, Los Angeles, Switzerland, Finland & more.


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